Today I sat down and drew up my Spring/Summer garden plan.  I suggest everyone that will be having a garden do the same, Soon!

Tools to plan my garden

Tools to plan my garden

Here is what I use:  List of what I want to grow and how many of each.   Florida Planting Guide.   Drawn out sketch of raised beds and planting areas.   I label N,S,E & W and chart the sun.  I plan for taller plants to shade smaller plants if needed.  Having all of this in front of me helps to provide the information I need for proper placement.  I have made a chart of the sunrise and sunset over my property for help with sunny areas and shaded areas.

I then fill in my planting areas.

Like I always say, “Having a garden plan is planning for success!”  

Here are a couple pages that should be helpful:  Drawing up your plan   Seed Starting  Crop Yields  

A couple of things to keep in mind; room for trellises, what type of trellis will you use, will you be saving seed (if so more room is most likely needed depending on type.) If not trellising what type of support?  It is much easier tohave supports and trellises figured out ahead of time.  

I have used a pole teepee for my beans in the past.  I have read they work better for cucumbers so this season I am trying them for cukes.  I will use poles or strings 12″ apart in double rows for my beans.  

I started my long season veggie seeds (tomatoes, peppers and eggplants) 5 days ago.  Hint,hint…. If you don’t have your seeds, get them now and if you do, start them now.  

In the mean time, clean out old crops, mix in new compost and other garden prep.  

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With all that said,” Get out there and get growing!”