Insect & Disease Control and Prevention Articles

On the right are products I use.  Monterey insect control is for tomato worms, vine borers and other listed leaf eating pests.  Pyganic is an instant kill for many listed pests.  Neem oil is for fungus and to keep pests off.  Copper fungicide is for fungus, mildew etc.  Always read directions and follow correctly.


Crop Rotation Guide

Here is a very easy to follow crop rotation guide. Each season we should plant something different than the crop before. Crop rotation helps with overwintering pests and keeping the soil healthy.  The different types of crops attract certain bugs, by not planting...

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Insects Damage & Control

Garden Pests & Controls Be sure to walk your garden daily! This way you will catch any pests or disease early and you can treat accordingly. There is a much better chance of preventing infestations if caught early. Below is a list of common Garden Pests . I have...

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Homemade Organic Insect & Disease Sprays

 COMBINED INSECT AND DISEASE CONTROL Neem Oil Spray to Control Insects and Disease Neem oil is highly effective against many types of insects and plant diseases. It is non-toxic to birds, mammals, honeybees and ladybugs. It is toxic, however, to fish, so do not...

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