Timm Elliot has been growing a variety of seed for me for about 3 years now.  He also has the passion to preserve rare varieties and adapt them to our Florida environment.  He does this on a small residential lot, mostly in raised beds.  He is always trying new varieties and then introduces them to me.  If we both agree they do well and would make a great addition to my catalog I then begin to offer them in my collection.

He loves okra, which is awesome since I myself am not crazy about it, so I would not be a good judge for those.  He currently  grows the Jing Orange and Cajun King.  This season he is trying out a new variety.  His biggest complaint is our nematode problem in Florida, nematodes love okra as much as he does.

Timm also grows the Goldmine Wax Bean, Contender Bean, Green Bush Bean, French String Bean, Black Turtle Bean, and soon to be added the Blue Lake Bean.  Of course he grows one variety at time to keep them from cross pollinating.

Timm has also grown the Golden Marconi pepper and is growing new kinds every season.

It is truly a gift finding like minded people to do business with and I am very lucky to have met him.