Companion Planting Guide

When planning your garden it’s a good idea to plant good garden communities. This is the whole concept behind companion planting. It’s true that certain plants grown close to each other help each other and the opposite also holds true, some plants can actually hinder the growth and health of their neighbor by hogging resources.  

In order to thrive, plants need good companions. By growing plants with good companions, you bring peace and prosperity to your garden.

When planning out your garden, avoid planting in long rows or large groupings of the same type of plant and incorporate flowers and herbs. Problematic pests are attracted to large groups of the same type of vegetable. It’s believed that the practice of staggering herbs and flowers a midst your vegetables confuses pests and assists in deterring them and the damage they can cause while certain flowers and herbs attract beneficial insects to your garden.

Good plant companions work in support of each other. The list and info-graphic below will help you plan your garden and develop “Good Garden Communities”.

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Florida Companion Planting Chart