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We are located at the Hernando County Farmers Market every Saturday 10am- 3pm. 2468 Commercial Way Spring Hill, Fl 34606.
I always have plants, fertilizer, Grow- Towers & seeds available. Orders for plants are to be picked up there.
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(Eruca sativa)  Aka Rocket  Unique green from the Mediterranean.  Distinctive nutty, spicy flavor. 
Grows from Fall all the way to June where I live.  For continuous supply in the summer plant every
10 days or so and harvest when small.  Will grow back at least 5 times especially in the cooler weather. 
Ready 40-45 days from seed.
$3.00 = Ave. 150 Seeds 

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This is a complete fertilizer
 to add to gardens or pots.
This kills variety of bugs.
It contains Spinosad.
This is for most worms,
 caterpillars.It has BT.
Tester for general fertility
and PH.
Neem controls bugs and
helps with fungus.
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